First post of the year!

OMG the length of time between posts is increasing all the time! Utterly disgraceful. I’m surprised WordPress have let me log back in to be honest. Today I noticed that my lovely friend and fellow blogger Karen had revisited her great blog today so it motivated me to do the same. That and the fact that I’ve endured two footy matches on the telly in succession and am now losing the will!

Well my last post was October so it’s fair to say the months (and life in general) are just flying by. Jake is now the grand old age of 7 and has lost about the same amount of teeth which is very strange, as he looks more grown up the more “big teeth” he gets. Scary stuff. There’s another one hanging by a thread right now so the tooth fairy will be making a visit soon I’d say.

He’s still footy daft and his season is about to come to an end so we’ll have to go through the trials again very soon. It’s a shame as he loves his team mates and we’ve sadistically grown to love our Sunday mornings yelling and cheering like banshees! Fingers crossed they’ll all be playing again together next time around.


The main event since I last blogged is my little sister’s wedding which was a simply brilliant day. All of the many children who attended were perfectly behaved which was a plus point! Jake did us all proud in his role as page boy and took his responsibilities very seriously.


Lily was adorable as flower girl and the bride and groom scrubbed up well too (!).


My dad stole the show whilst walking his youngest daughter down the aisle with a face full of emotion – he had us all in tears too! Somehow I managed to survive making the only speech of the day – a toast to my Mam, who I know would have loved to have been there. Her absence was hard for me but especially so for my sister on her big day, and making the speech was tough but I did it. I now appreciate how a “best man” must feel!

The boys managed to fit in a trip to Old Trafford which (apparently) was great!


So there’s lots to look forward to this year – we’ve a new car on order (which admittedly Mark is more excited about than me!), we’ve just booked a trip to York Races with friends, our annual trip to the Mouth of the Tyne Festival and another attempt on Mark’s part to get under 2 hours at this year’s Great North Run (mental). I’m also set to be godmother again too which is a lovely honour, as the little guy in question is just fab. Somewhere along the way a holiday would be great, but that will be subject to any footy and work commitments. It’s fair to say some sun is desperately needed. A little spa break could be good too!

So just a short one for now but now I’m back on the horse (so to speak) it won’t be so long ’til next time.


To blog or not to blog – that is the question!

Dear long-neglected readers.

Shall I close my blog down? Or just crack on periodically!??! While you ponder this very important, game-changing question I’ll do a quick update on life.

Well summer is a distant memory and I thought it was pretty rubbish weather-wise. I think we only had about 3 BBQs all summer which is indicative of the volume of sunny days we had! I must admit I’m enjoying the autumnal change and now fully embracing cardigans, tights, boots and gloves. Tonight I have my candles on, Jake and I are snuggled under a new throw and it’s already dark outside. And I’m not ashamed to say that I love it!

The main highlight recently was the fact that the hubby did the Great North Run in 2hrs 5, which is an amazing achievement given that he pretty much started his training from scratch!


I’ll admit to having a tear in my eye when I found him at the finish line. And Jake and I did the Mini GNR which was more than enough for me and I made sure I rewarded myself with a vino afterwards ha ha!


As for Jake, well he still keeps us on our toes! He now is the very proud owner of a (hand me down) phone which has proved to be endlessly entertaining (other than when he calls people at 6-30am!). We now “enjoy” 4 sessions of his footy training/matches per week – he’s learning quickly that he can’t win every game, but is still obsessed and has scored some fab goals already this season and made some great friends. I didn’t quite anticipate the stress levels and tension involved in watching U7s play every Sunday! And it’s lovely to see that Jake has the most support every week, as not only do the hubby and I go, but both his Grandads and his big brother come too to cheer him on. Dead canny! However, we’ll be bankrupt soon as we’ve set a precedent of paying him £1 a goal and £5 for man of the match (which he’s already had twice!). Not quite sure whose idea that was!!!


So I’m already looking forward to Christmas – I’ve even BOUGHT A PRESENT!!!! Stop the press! This is admittedly not normal behaviour, and I’ll probably not buy any more until December! We’ve booked the panto, a visit to Santa and our annual Christmas Eve boozy jaunt for festive fun at As You Like It (standard!). Pretty organised eh? TBH you need to be super-quick as people clearly book these things up as soon as soon as they are released. Highly irritating!

December 17th will soon be here again and it will be a scary three years since we lost my Mam. My sister and I talked about this on our holiday to the Lakes, especially how much Mam has missed out on, which for me is the saddest part. My niece is still the cutest, most placid little girl, and I know my Mam would have simply adored her. And then there’s the important matter of my sister’s wedding next year, where her absence will be acutely felt. Plus this year has seen a lot of success for both of us in our careers, with a new job for my sister and another promotion for me. I just wish she was here to see it.

On a lighter note, Jake keeps on trying on his wedding shirt (for the very important role of page boy!) with some hilarious outcomes…

Nice shirt/PJ combo!

Nice shirt/PJ combo!

With that, goodnight! And ’til the next time (could be a while!)

Summer 2015

Hello All
Well since my last post I’ve considered closing my blog down as I’ve seriously neglected it (as per). But maybe I just need to give myself a kick up the backside and tell myself to make time for it and stop assuming that I have nothing of note to write about. I should know that, once I start, the words will flow and I’ll wish I hadn’t left it so long! And the whole point is that this is my online diary, a wordy version of Facebook if you like, and one which I’ll look back on one day to see what was happening to us Taylors, however mundane. But it is hard, when juggling work, friends, family, chores, gym and life in general, to justify ANOTHER 30 minutes in front of a laptop at the end of a long/difficult/stressy day, and there’s still the ironing to do.

So I’m not even going to check back to see when my last post was! Today is 22nd July 2015, and we’re pretty much at the start of the summer hols for Jake. My spreadsheet of babysitting duties is always tested to the limit at this time of year and, thankfully, we’re lucky to have lots of support to help get us through the hols relatively unscathed!!! Jake has enjoyed a very successful year behind him at school – his report moved me to tears which, as anyone who knows me will testify, is pretty standard. TBH it’s not just about the level of his work and learning (which was great, he’s way above average in everything, keen to learn and pretty smart – clearly from his Mam ha ha!). It’s more about my son as a person – how he has a a good group of close friends, joins his class with a smile on his face every day, is well liked by his peers, excels at sport and is demonstrating “great sportsmanship”. GULP. This is the sort of stuff you want from being a parent – who cares about grades!!?

Since my last post he’s been through tough trials to get on the U7s squad for the football team he’s been training with for over a year, but he did it in the end! However, it took all 4 sessions for us to get the “yes”, and not because he’s not good enough. It was more to do with him adjusting to playing outdoors and him not taking it seriously initially. Plus admittedly he WAS rubbish at first (!) – he seemed to forget all he knew! As parents, it was a fine balance between us trying to be relaxed about it and also trying to impress upon him what an achievement it would be to get on such a great team with the kids he’d got to know over the year. A pep talk (or two!) from his Dad seemed to do the trick. And he’s come on leaps and bounds since. A professional footy player in the making perhaps!!? Although I must admit I’m not looking forward to the cold mornings cheering him on, especially in the winter. Not fun!

In other news my lovely niece Lily turned one recently (doesn’t time fly?) and we managed to double book her party weekend with the Mouth of the Tyne festival so that was a busy one. Looking ahead, we have Ladies Day at the races to look forward to this weekend (9 of us going – should be a hoot!) and then a family holiday in the Lakes with my Dad and sister and co. Jake is super-excited to spend a whole week with Dexter the Dog and also his beloved cousin, Lily. They’ll both be pestered beyond belief!

And in between we’ll be trying to survive the hols without bankrupting ourselves through countless soft play visits, new uniform expense, several family days out and general entertainment. Oh and I’ll have to try and chill for 6 weeks about letting my son play out. I KNOW it’s good for him – it just goes against all my motherly instincts! If I can’t see him, I stress, On that note – pass the Kalms!

‘Til next time

Mother’s Day 2015 – a day of celebration and reflection

It’s Mother’s Day today – I am sure you have noticed! It’s literally everywhere, there’s no missing or escaping it. It’s tough when your Mam isn’t around, dealing with the constant reminders that you have no flowers to buy, no lunch to book, no fuss to make. I actually find it harder than my Mam’s birthday. Perhaps that’s because that’s a more private date, without the fanfare.

So today I have had to give myself a kick up the backside, remind myself how lucky I am, and what a surprisingly lovely day it’s been. Other than about 30 minutes of child-like radginess, Jake has been a dream today. He woke me early, his first words were “Happy Mother’s Day, Mammy”! I didn’t mind being woken up – even at 6-50am on a Sunday!!! The hubby brought brekkie in from his nightshift, I got a little pressie I wasn’t expecting and even some lovely wine and chocs from my stepson.

This morning we headed to my Dad’s – this can be quite a difficult thing for me, but on Mother’s Day I really wasn’t looking forward to it. So we made tentative plans to take Jake to the park but, you know what, it was a lovely morning full of chat and laughter. We didn’t feel the need to head out after all. We even got out my Mam’s jewellery to look at for the first time. (Cue lots of questions from Jake such as “Has Nana not got her wedding ring on in heaven”? Even that didn’t faze me and my Dad. We took it in good humour. Funnily enough the other day he also randomly asked “Does Nana eat all of her favourite food up in heaven?” How his little mind works is beyond me.)

This afternoon I enjoyed a totally lush walk along the beach and a delish coffee and cake with my pal Carol. There’s something exhilarating about the rush of the windy North Sea, the crash of the waves and the sun in the sky.  I love Spring and all it promises. There’s also nothing better than a girlie chat with a good pal. It’s good for the soul it really is.

I came home to do some jobs around the house (yes even on Mother’s Day!) and was rewarded by Jake running me a bath (at 5pm!) which was too sweet. He still makes my heart melt at times with his little acts of kindness.

So I survived Mother’s Day morning in my family home without Linda herself there. Just! I still drive up expecting her to be waving at the window at us. She would be so proud of my little man, growing tall, loving to learn, excelling at his footy, singing out of tune and dancing in the nude! Never mind my niece Lily, who is coming to visit us in a couple of weeks. Jake is SO excited and keeps asking where she will sleep and how many days ’til they get here. And before that we have the small matter of a 6th birthday to sort, enjoy and survive! This time 6 years ago I was overdue and getting very impatient (which I know is SO unlike me!).

So, in celebration of being a Mammy, and remembering my own Mam, I am having a little Kir Royale tonight. If I can capture just an iota of my Mam’s pride, love and never-ending confidence in her children then Jake will be one very lucky little boy.

Happy Mother’s Day all.



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Hurtling towards 2015!

I’ve been putting off writing a blog post – you could call it a case of blogger’s block. I guess I couldn’t think of what to write about (despite life being pretty hectic), was worried that I had nothing of note to say and that it wouldn’t be remotely interesting.

But then I took a step back and remembered the whole point of writing this blog – it’s meant to be my equivalent of my many teenage diaries, albeit with a lot less angst! It will be a memoir for me to look back on one day (when I am too old and crazy to remember independently!) and revisit my memories, my life and my son growing up. So here we are!

The latest with Jake is his first very wobbly tooth which is pretty much the first thing he talks about on a morning and the last thing at night. He is literally obsessed as to when it will drop out and takes great pleasure in getting us all to guess “the day”! However this has now gone on for 2 weeks so the novelty is quickly wearing off this particular competition! My lovely friend Carol at has given us a special bag for the tooth fairy but at the moment it’s just gathering dust and I think it will be for a while yet, much to Jake’s dismay!


Since my last post we enjoyed a really fab family holiday to Rhodes – it was literally red hot every day, the hotel was great, the kids had a brilliant time and we did very little other than potter in and around the pool and indulge in the all inclusive food and drink. Other than a tummy bug on the day home (which involved a timely puke on the transfer bus) it was bliss. Oh and there was “sun-tan-lotion-gate” with my stepson, but I think the penny dropped once his tan rapidly started to peel as soon as he got it! Teenagers! I will definitely return to Greece one day, if only just for the relentless “scorchio” sun. Loved it.



We’ve had a couple of promotions in the family too! Recently Jake was asked to change footy training to join the older lads as he really is excelling at it. He was then hand picked to do extra training on a Saturday to gear them up to be picked for the team. The hubby and I are proud as punch! Maybe one day we’ll be super-rich parents of a Premier League footy player! We can dream!

2014-10-18 11.36.42_resized

And on a personal note, I was also promoted at work to the very swanky sounding Head of Media! Check me out! I’m chuffed to bits and the new role is certainly keeping me busy. The days fly over and the change has made me realise how lucky I am to work in an industry I love and one which still keeps me on my toes, even after 16 years. God how old am I!!!???

In other news my lovely niece Lily is coming on a treat! We had another trip to Manchester after our hols for Mark to meet her, but that seems like a long time ago. I love seeing her growing up via the power of Facebook and can’t wait to see her again ASAP! It sounds daft but there’s something different about holding a baby that is actually blood-related to you – you can definitely feel the family ties. I often find myself wandering into the baby section in M&S, drawn to the delightful pink baby gear. Girls’ clothes are so much nicer than boys’! I can see her getting very spoilt at Christmas.

Speaking of which, Jake has discovered his Grandad’s Argos catalogue and, combined with the Smyth’s catalogue, has got a 4 page list for Santa! I think the excitement starts earlier the older they get. I seriously can’t wait for Christmas Day.

In the meantime life is already gaining even more momentum than usual – we have two DJ gigs to go to, a freebie anniversary trip to the Crab and Lobster that I won on Twitter (whoop!), a Hallowe’en party, a girls’ night out, Mark’s birthday and our annual boozy trip with friends to As You Like It’s Santa’s Grotto on Christmas Eve. It will be 2015 before we know it – I actually discussed a January option with a friend today for our next meet up – WTAF!?!?!?!?!?

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New niece, nuptials and nights out!

Well just a quick update on my time of “firsts” since my last post.

I guess the main news is the safe arrival of my amazing niece, Lily. She is a real beaut. And my little sis is a true trooper – just cracking on with the trials and tribulations of early motherhood with a LOT less moaning and worrying than I remember subjecting people to!


Welcome to the world, little lady!

My Dad, Jake and I took a family trip to Manchester to meet the little lady, a trip which involved a Fawlty Towers style hotel which I may look back one day and laugh about! It was a very sentimental weekend and I think we all felt my Mam’s absence acutely. She would have been so proud – not only of her new granddaughter but also the idea of her youngest daughter becoming a mother. My Dad, on the other hand, has shown his pride and utter joy in very different ways. He was genuinely choked when I called to let him know the baby had arrived safely and his first words were to ask if they were both ok. And he’s still yet to hold the baby and probably won’t for a while yet. You forget how little and fragile they are as newborns. Even I was nervous when I had my first cuddle of Lily and seemed to have lost the knack of holding them so gently!

On another note, my first ever trip to Wales was a delight, despite almost missing the plane due to a combination of one iffy phone alarm and a certain little person turning down the alarm on my backup phone! There were certainly very frantic scenes chez Taylor that morning with a smattering of choice profanities!

Thankfully we made the flight and therefore the wedding, which was a lovely, gorgeous and happy day in an idyllic setting just outside of Cardiff. Congrats once again to Mr. and Mrs. Atkins!


We even got the chance to explore Cardiff itself the next day – a sunny, vibrant city that I would love to return to one day.

In other news, we’ve enjoyed a great day at the Mouth of the Tyne festival with friends…


…I caught up with friends from Wales and New Zealand which saw the three of us together for the first time in over 4 years!


And enjoyed a HILARIOUS day out at the Races which I will still be laughing about for many months to come!


Next stop – a well deserved holiday. I think I need it!

A time for “firsts”

Once again a disgraceful amount of time has passed since my last post. Time really is vanishing somewhere this year!

Lots has happened since I last posted back in, erm, March!

In May I went on a hen do to London and had a really lovely time, but came back with an awful calf injury. It didn’t stop me completing a fabulous 80s dance class at Pineapple Dance Studios, nor making it on to a club! I didn’t do much dancing at the latter to be fair!


It took two weeks for my poor leg to recover, but now I’m on the mend and ready for the wedding itself. The hen do was that of a very dear and old (not literally!) friend, Victoria, whose wedding is now very imminent! I’m even braving an aeroplane for the pleasure. I’m wondering how acceptable it will be to have a drink at the airport at 7am!

The weather forecast looks good for Cardiff so it should be a great trip. I admitted earlier this week that I’ve never been to Wales before so, although it’s a fleeting visit with the hubby, it’ll be nice to tick it off the list, have a mini break and see a good friend get married at the same time.

Speaking of aeroplanes, we’ve booked a holiday in the school hols to Rhodes! Once again, I’ve never been to Rhodes (or in fact Greece!) before, so it’s definitely a year of “firsts”. That flight will be considerably longer than that for the wedding (at least 4 hours), so I’ll be investing in some Kalms or booze (or both – should be interesting!). Eeeek. The diet also starts here and now.

The little man is now 5 years old and still full of chat and mischief. His latest loves are One Direction (worrying), football (now up to two sessions a week, sometimes three – zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!), the Xbox and wearing shorts even when it rains. Kids are strange!


Since my last post we’ve had our first trip with J to A&E, an experience which proved less worrying than initially anticipated, but not one I’d like to repeat. This week we received some awful news that a little boy from Jake’s school, who Jake went to nursery class with last year, died after a 4 year brain tumour battle. Jake loved this little boy, despite his limitations with blindness and immobility, and really warmed to him last year. The prospect of breaking news of his death to Jake was not pleasant, especially relatively soon after his Nana dying, but he took it remarkably well.

I, on the other hand, cried all night and into the next day at the thought of such a little, loveable boy suffering so much in his short life. It’s not just tragic, it’s heartbreaking and cruel. There was a palpable sense of grief on the school run the next day, parents and teachers visibly close to tears and the kids quickly taken into their classrooms before the bell to discuss the news and show some respect, I guess. Life is unfair at times and my heart goes out to the family involved. It has affected me massively, and needless to say Jake has enjoyed lots more cuddles and tolerance on my part since it happened. It makes you appreciate such small things; watching him sleep, laughing at his little legs in his long school shorts, his awful Batman hat that he insists on wearing and the bigger things like his health and happiness, which we shouldn’t take for granted. Ever.

In cheerier news I’m soon to be an Aunty! Aunty Joanna! So that’s another “first” for me to look forward to. I’m SO excited I could pop! I don’t think my sister is quite so excited about the impending labour (!) but it’ll be SO worth it. A trip to Manchester will be quickly arranged, depending on when baby decides to arrive. A new life for the Marrs/Timms household. We all can’t wait.


5…and counting!

The little man was 5 on Sunday. Mental! He’s gone from this:


to this:


in the blink of an eye.

His birthday was a whirlwind day with family visits, a chaotic and extremely loud soft play party for 19 kids and then a jaunt to the pub and a huge table of 20 at one point! I think we were all exhausted by the end of it!

It was certainly a more enjoyable time than 5 years ago, with the uncertainty of motherhood, immense responsibility and zero sleep happening almost overnight. I found those first few months pretty weird – even when Jake started sleeping through I fell victim to my first (and thankfully only) major bout of insomnia. If it wasn’t for the kind words of a great health visitor I might not have emerged unscathed from the other side. Your first child brings with it great self doubt and worry. I didn’t bath Jake for the 1st three months of his life, too unsure of myself to do it. It was left to my hubby to show me the ropes. Anyone who knows me well will acknowledge this is not like me at all! Even small things like talking to him while changing his nappy, understanding why he was crying and learning how to soothe him did not come naturally to me at all. I think this is normal for most new parents but it was a steep learning curve to me in life. I almost wished away those early days, hoping for a time when he could tell me what he wanted, what was wrong and how he felt. And here we are!

And with 5 comes another set of challenges (for me more than anyone). We have new opportunities to “play out” with the boys over the road, who are a little bit older and more streetwise. I know I have to let him, but the thought of him crossing roads without his little hand in mine is very stressful! I know – I need to get a grip. But he’s my little boy, and I will always want to protect him whether he’s 5 or 55!

And what a character he’s turning into – a sparky little chap who insists on shouting “morning” at the top of his voice to the lollipop man every day. A keen footy player with a definite aptitude for it (those Little Kicker sessions have certainly paid off!) – he’s off to Cramlington Juniors this weekend to try it out. His confidence is soaring but not to the point of arrogance. I love that he’s a sociable little man, no doubt a result of his Mammy chatting incessantly to him (or around him) since birth!

So I wonder what the next five years will bring. Hopefully there are still many more cuddles and moments to come with my son that just melt away my worries and make them pale into insignificance. And lots of great memories to be made for him, fun to be had and knowledge to be learned! Time will tell.


Officially Old!

Christ I can’t quite believe my last post was in November! I am getting worse at this as I go on. Christmas is but a distant memory and since then I’ve had the BIG 40! Actually it’s still ongoing – I’m about to enjoy my final week (of four!) birthday weekends. If this is what 40 is all about then I’m not complaining!

The big day itself was bloody brill – my hubby deserves a medal for all the effort he put in. Not just with pressies (which were fab) but all the added extras like banners, balloons and badges and a particularly embarrassing cake complete with a picture of me on it. Isn’t it just delightful…


To be fair I embraced the whole thing, even getting up on a chair in front of an entire restaurant on my birthday itself. Hey ho you only live once! Thankfully the hubby managed to chop my head off the video he took on his phone of this momentous occasion – phew!


Looking back I feel quite overwhelmed by the effort and generosity I enjoyed from both family and friends on this big day. From flowers sent from Singapore to a full body massage, beautiful jewellery to spa vouchers, a mini break to Edinburgh, lots of champas and LOADS more , I was truly spoiled.


It’s funny how turning 40 makes you reflect on life and, as you enter what is probably the 2nd half of your life, deliberate over any regrets, outstanding ambitions or highlights of the past. I’d say my biggest regret is only having one child. I know I am more than blessed with one, but it was always in my life plan for two. I guess fate took us on a different journey but it’s up there as my biggest disappointment. As for outstanding ambitions, I have a list as long as my arm of places around the world I still want to visit. Whether I get any further than the likes of Spain for a while yet is debatable (or even further than Centre Parcs for that matter!) but I’d love to tick Sydney, Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Paris off the old bucket list.

Like I said I’m about to enjoy my fourth weekend of birthday fun, and this time it’s a mini University reunion in Leeds itself. I can’t recall the last time that my two friends Nikki and Debra and I got together just the three of us, but I know that despite the distance and time between us, this weekend will be filled with a LOT of laughter and funny memories of our time as Leeds students. I’d like to think that we’ve moved on from “pound a pint” type of nights and have become sophisticated, professional ladies supping our glasses of sauvignon blanc with great decorum! Time will tell!!!

On a final note – I’m very very very excited for another milestone this year – namely becoming an Auntie! Yes, my little sister is having a baby girl in July and I just can’t wait. I think that the M62 will be taking a bashing come the summer, as I for one can’t wait to have a cuddle of Baby Timms! Exciting times indeed. x x x

Festive fun, a time for reflection and impending old age!

Well it’s finally peaceful in the Taylor household so I thought it about time I did another blog before the third series of Borgen starts later (can’t wait!).

I have my Christmas candles on tonight, they smell gorgeous, and it’s safe to say I am DEFO getting in the Christmas mood early this year. Jake’s presents are coming along nicely, even though all he wants is a vile game about Buster’s Bones (don’t ask!) and another one about dog poo! Well he also wants a real doggy too but there’s no chance of that, despite my husband sending me links to puppies most days. YAWN!

We’ve loads of things planned and it’s safe to say Chrimbo will be here in a blink of an eye. We’ve a family jaunt to the panto, a trip to Santa’s grotto on Christmas Eve with friends (with booze for the grown ups – yey!), Christmas Day itself, the Holly Ball on Boxing Day and THEN we’re even sorted for NYE. Very organised indeed… There’s also the small matter of a work Christmas do and several nights out with friends too. PHEW!!! Pass me a new liver!

And before all of that excitement we have our 6th wedding anniversary coming up, a friend’s 40th and Mark’s birthday. Life is well and truly full on.

It’s strange to think that this time last year I was about to embark on one of the most stressful times of my life, namely about to be made redundant for the second time in 10 months and the loss of my Mam in December 2012. As it happens, the redundancy turned out to be one of the best things to happen to me as it saved me from a job I still have nightmares about!!! It also meant I was on gardening leave when my Mam died, which again was a godsend, all things considered. I can feel the anniversary creeping up on me, mostly at the back of my mind, but admittedly memories and emotions are being triggered more frequently than normal. I’m not quite sure what our plan is for December 17th, but I will be spending it with my Dad and sister – time to reflect and support each other. Family time is more important to me than ever, my priorities have changed and I think I have changed too. It could be down to last year’s events, or it could simply be a case of growing up, getting older, being happy with the people around me and less interested in the frivolities of life.

Which brings me to the social event of 2014 – my 40th! I realise time is ticking but I STILL can’t decide what to do. I’ve deliberated over a party and even wrote a list of potential invitees (over 100 people!) but it’s just not for me. Maybe it was for the old me, but I just can’t be chewed with the hassle, stress (and expense!). At the moment I’m considering a mini-break with the hubby, a family meal perhaps on the day itself and maybe a girls’ boozy lunch on a different weekend. I think that will be a nice balance. I need to get my finger out and sort it ASAP (once I’ve decided for definite!). Maybe such indecision is just a further sign of old age…! Christ I can’t believe I’m nearly 40! HELP!