Cocktails, camping, coping

Well a disgraceful 2 months has passed since my last post so I seem to be getting worse not better at this blogging malarkey. Moving swiftly on!

Life is hectic at the moment – work is busy, home is the usual chaos you’d expect with a 4 year old and everything in between is jam packed with play dates, housework, date nights, time with the girls and (now and then) a bit of “me” time.

Since I last wrote, we’ve enjoyed an amazing wedding at Newton Hall which seems like a distant memory now. The company, weather, venue, location and people made for a magical and special day – one of the best weddings I’ve been to in a LONG time! I got a spray tan for the occasion, wore a nice frock and also went blonde too so it’s fair to say I didn’t look much like “me”! 




Since then I’ve decided I quite like being blonde so that’s the current look for the summer (and I’m growing it but we all know how long I usually last with that!). Next time I post I’ll probably be a cropped red head again!!!

I’ve also enjoyed (* note the sarcasm!) a random first time camping experience thanks to Jake’s school – something I would NEVER have even considered before. We beg, stole and borrowed all the requisite equipment as I was pretty secure in the knowledge that it would be my first AND LAST camping trip! And I was right! Don’t get me wrong – the weather was perfect, Jake had a ball with his school pals, we enjoyed a tinny or two in the sun, but then basically got NEE SLEEP!!! It was horrendous! From crying babies, to needing a wee, from those uncomfortable airbeds through to my step son’s incessant snoring – it was HELL! And topped off with a large dose of sunburn too!

I think I’d only ever contemplate it again once the trauma of that night is long forgotten!



The following weekend was much more civilised, namely a weekend jaunt to Edinburgh with the girls which consisted of cocktails, great food, fun company and many many laughs. Just what the doctor ordered!



More recently we had Jake’s graduation from pre-school, a really lovely, emotional morning with so much effort put into it on the teachers’ parts. He sang his little heart out to his songs which he’d rehearsed countless times, and we clapped and clapped when he got his certificate. So proud!

So life continues in the usual manic fashion. I miss my mam and think of her loads, often when I least expect it. It’s lovely that Jake also talks about her SO much, and I know she’d be chuffed that she’s still very much in his thoughts. (So much so that he told the checkout lady in Sainsbury’s that “my Nana used to buy me them (his chocolate Freddos!) but she’s in heaven now”. GULP.) And today he said, whilst at my Dad’s, “Nana’s still not here, what a shame”.

I couldn’t put it better myself. xx

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