On my own in my childhood home…

I’m currently sat at my Dad’s house – we’ve popped over to deliver Jake’s cupcakes that we baked yesterday. It was our first baking attempt and I learned a couple of lessons along the way, even with a packet mix!! After a lot of mess and licking of bowls they turned out pretty well I must say. In fact there’s only one left out of six! But this last one was for Jake’s “Grandad Marrs”, so here we are.


We’ve been up since 6-30am this morning, which is always a delight on a weekend. So we were up and ready early, and decided to drop some cakes off at my in-laws before we came here with the remaining one. Then we’ve got a full day ahead, with a gymnastics party at 2 (whatever that means – time will tell!) then a friend popping over later. Just another relaxing weekend for me* (* insert sarcasm!).

My Dad has taken Jake to climb up Penshaw Monument, as Jake acquired some new walking shoes on our hols in the Lakes which are perfect for the job. So I am sat here all on my own, with an hour or two to kill. I could pop and see one of my Sunderland friends, or nip to the supermarket, but to be honest I just can’t be bothered. Instead I’m writing a long overdue blog post and acutely feeling my mam’s absence here in my childhood home.

If she were here no doubt she’d be asking her usual questions about work, my friends’ latest antics and how Mark/Josh were, to which I’d probably be rolling my eyes at being asked the “same old stuff”. How I’d kill to be answering the same inane questions now. I still can’t bring myself to go in her bedroom, where she was found, despite an overhaul on my dad’s part. I think I’d lose the plot and, with a busy day ahead, it’s not going to happen today despite being here on my own. It wouldn’t be good to see the “school mums” this afternoon with a blotchy face.

On a cheerier note, we had a lovely family holiday 2 weeks ago to a gorgeous house in Windermere. We all met up there – us, my dad, my sister and her boyfriend and Dexter the dog. It was a very relaxing time, the weather was good, and there was no pressure to do stuff every minute of the day. Just what the doctor ordered. It also meant that my dad had a full-on week of company – whether that was a positive thing for him is debatable!!!


It made me laugh to think what a “good holiday” now consists of and how different it is from holidays we enjoyed pre-Jake. Like when we woke up after noon in New York after a night out clubbing and we were gutted that’d we’d pretty much wasted a day of sightseeing. And our pre-wedding trip to Malaga which was spent sipping sangria which was hand delivered to the rooftop pool. And even before that, on girls’ holidays away, where cheesy chips were the staple diet (along with florescent dodgy cocktails and shooters – ugh!). How times change (and drinking habits!). Mind you – you still can’t beat cheesy chips after a night out!


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