Officially Old!

Christ I can’t quite believe my last post was in November! I am getting worse at this as I go on. Christmas is but a distant memory and since then I’ve had the BIG 40! Actually it’s still ongoing – I’m about to enjoy my final week (of four!) birthday weekends. If this is what 40 is all about then I’m not complaining!

The big day itself was bloody brill – my hubby deserves a medal for all the effort he put in. Not just with pressies (which were fab) but all the added extras like banners, balloons and badges and a particularly embarrassing cake complete with a picture of me on it. Isn’t it just delightful…


To be fair I embraced the whole thing, even getting up on a chair in front of an entire restaurant on my birthday itself. Hey ho you only live once! Thankfully the hubby managed to chop my head off the video he took on his phone of this momentous occasion – phew!


Looking back I feel quite overwhelmed by the effort and generosity I enjoyed from both family and friends on this big day. From flowers sent from Singapore to a full body massage, beautiful jewellery to spa vouchers, a mini break to Edinburgh, lots of champas and LOADS more , I was truly spoiled.


It’s funny how turning 40 makes you reflect on life and, as you enter what is probably the 2nd half of your life, deliberate over any regrets, outstanding ambitions or highlights of the past. I’d say my biggest regret is only having one child. I know I am more than blessed with one, but it was always in my life plan for two. I guess fate took us on a different journey but it’s up there as my biggest disappointment. As for outstanding ambitions, I have a list as long as my arm of places around the world I still want to visit. Whether I get any further than the likes of Spain for a while yet is debatable (or even further than Centre Parcs for that matter!) but I’d love to tick Sydney, Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Paris off the old bucket list.

Like I said I’m about to enjoy my fourth weekend of birthday fun, and this time it’s a mini University reunion in Leeds itself. I can’t recall the last time that my two friends Nikki and Debra and I got together just the three of us, but I know that despite the distance and time between us, this weekend will be filled with a LOT of laughter and funny memories of our time as Leeds students. I’d like to think that we’ve moved on from “pound a pint” type of nights and have become sophisticated, professional ladies supping our glasses of sauvignon blanc with great decorum! Time will tell!!!

On a final note – I’m very very very excited for another milestone this year – namely becoming an Auntie! Yes, my little sister is having a baby girl in July and I just can’t wait. I think that the M62 will be taking a bashing come the summer, as I for one can’t wait to have a cuddle of Baby Timms! Exciting times indeed. x x x

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